Youth & Collegiate Competition

USA Climbing Competition

January 18th through January 31st.

This competition is a Regional Qualification Event for both the Youth Series and Collegiate Series of USA Climbing.

USA Climbing is the national governing body of competition climbing in the United States and is sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee. Membership of USA Climbing is required to register a score in the competition and qualify for the Regional Championship. However, no team affiliation is required.

Use of the Kaya climbing app will be needed to participate in the USA Climbing sanctioned event (see below under “Kaya App Info”). Competitors should soon be able to sign up for the competition through the KAYA website. If you don’t see the competition listed, please check back at this website and search for Synergy Climbing And Ninja.

No reservations are required. Temperature checks, hand sanitizing, AND mask-wearing are required, with no exceptions. Appropriate behavior and social distancing are required. Day passes are required for participants who are not members at Synergy Climbing And Ninja for each day climbing at the gym. Punch passes are available in 5- and 10-punch options for those wishing to make multiple visits to record ascents (see the day pass information page). There will be no restrictions on access to the gym or to the climbs for any visitor or competitor during our open hours.

All visitors, including non-participants, must have an online waiver completed that can be filled out in advance. Non-participants who are only spectating/chaperoning, do not need to pay for a day pass. Non-participants must stay OFF the bouldering pads.

Additional information can be found at these links:

Collegiate eligibility FAQs.
Collegiate competition FAQs.
Youth competition FAQs.

In brief: All competitors will have two weeks to log completed climbs by taking videos of qualifying problems being sure the videos show the entire climb and adherence to the competition rules with sound on. The videos are then uploaded to the Kaya climbing app. Videos do not need to be uploaded live; uploads can be made at a later time or date before the close of the event uploading window.

Climbers can take as many tries as they like at any problem they choose that is included in the competition (this format being known as “redpoint” format). Note however that unlike during an informal climbing session, competitors must always begin each competition boulder problem from the designated start holds, even when “working” the problem (climbing up on other holds to “work out” the moves is not permitted).

Kaya App Info

Here is a list of some of the points regarding the KAYA app. Please see USA Climbing’s extensive FAQ pages (linked above) for full info on this and other details of the competition format.

Competitors should download the KAYA app.
Each competitor must have their own account within the KAYA app.
Each account must be associated with a unique email address.
First and last name used when creating a competitor’s KAYA app account must be the same first and last name on the competitor’s USA Climbing account.

Note that registration for the competition is done through the Kaya website not through the Kaya App.