Climbing Group Visits

We welcome groups to our amazing bouldering area and to our Ninja Zone. However, any adult organizing or bringing a group of unrelated minors to climb should be aware that the climbing walls in our main bouldering area are intended for those 13 years old or older. If your group includes members under the age of 13, we require parental supervision of those youngsters on a one-to-one basis, OR that they be members of an approved climbing team accompanied by their coach.

Coaches of  recognized climbing teams are welcome: We encourage you to bring your team members to climb or train at our gym so long as they are not interfering with any of our scheduled events or practices! Please reach out to us in advance if planning to bring your own team members.

Climbers with limited experience will benefit from taking a class. We recommend that any adult planning to bring a group to climb, in which many have not experienced climbing before, or who have very limited experience, should consider planning a group climbing class, or booking the ninja zone instead. See Ninja Zone > Groups.

To increase their own safety and the safety of those around them, any child aged 12 or under may climb independently (outside of a Synergy Climbing club, team or class) ONLY with a parent/guardian, or under the direction of their own coach (must be a USA Climbing registered coach of a legitimate competitive climbing team)

For clarification: those 12 or under without their coach present must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian who will watch and monitor them at all times, one-to-one.

Youth team members from any recognized and approved climbing team are always welcome. Coaches bringing groups are requested to provide advanced notice to avoid conflicting with any of our own programs or events.

If your participant(s) do/does not meet any of the requirements above, we can provide a class for them, or any others in a group if desired (class rates will apply). All participants must have a waiver on file.