Youth Climbing Camps

Bouldering competitor tries a competition boulder with marked start and zone holds during training camp.

We periodically offer climbing day-camps for competitive climbers, including outdoor climbing camps for those looking to climb outside on real rock, and indoor training camps for those looking to become better competitors.

All camps are led by longtime guides and coaches, Synergy Climbing’s founders Wills Young and/or Lisa Rands.

Visitors must find their own accommodation. We will finish early afternoon on Sunday for those needing to travel back from Chattanooga.

Indoor/Outdoor Youth Bouldering Camps. We will climb outside if/when the weather is suitable, otherwise we’ll session at an indoor gym. These camps are open to ANY motivated regular climber, including beginners, who would like to climb outside to gain experience under guidance of our top climbing coaches.

  • None Scheduled Currently. Please check back.

Pre-Championship Training Camps. Learn from the best. Train with the best. For competitive climbers looking to improve their competition game! Learn from some of the country’s most experienced coaches and setters to increase skills and knowledge, and arrive at bouldering regionals well-prepared. Understand how the Regional Championship will work; practice dynamic movement; practice moving on volumes; understanding starting positions; scoring zones; finishing options; time management, and work on fitness and recovery to be ready for the competition.

  • Comp Prep 3-Day Training Camp: Friday December 30th 2022 to Sunday January 1st 2023
  • Comp Prep 2-Day Training Camp: Saturday January 7th to Sunday January 8th, 2023
  • Pre-Divionals Training Camp. Feb 4th and 5th.