Climber gives thumbs-up at top of rock climb, Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a Mecca for rock climbers. Every kind of climber from sport climbers, to boulderers, and traditional climbing gurus, flock here for the variety and the convenience of the climbing. We are here to help you enjoy an incredible day out! Above: Climbing Sunset Rock, Chattanooga.


All visitors WELCOME! Our regular rates are as follows:

2- to 3-hour trips are $275. Price includes up to two people.

3- to 4-hour trips are $340. Price includes up to two people.

4- to 5-hour trips are $395. Price includes up to two people.

Additional participants: $50 each.

$50 supplement for anchor-building, “trad” classes, and trips to Foster Falls.

Synergy Gym Members: 10 percent discount. Synergy Climbing Club or Climbing Team members: 15 percent discount. Take additional 5 percent discount Mon-Fri except holidays.

For all questions, or to book, text Wills Young at 760-920-5348 (cell).

Please note that anyone planning to climb must be athletic and in good health as even the easiest climbs are extremely strenuous to a novice.

We supply all equipment that clients don’t already have, other than climbing shoes, and you can rent those if you don’t already have them. Just be sure to let us know in advance and plan to pick them up at the gym (Synergy Climbing And Ninja, 427 E. Main St., Chattanooga).

Every participant must complete an Activity Waiver and confidential Medical Information Form.

Text Wills Young at 760-920-5348 (cell) for more information. 45 years climbing; 10 years climbing school owner; 25 years coaching.

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