Ninja Competitions

Above: Isaac Caldiero, Synergy co-founder will be designing and hosting the FINA Ninja Warrior competition on February 18th. Image by Nathalie DuPre Photography.

Saturday May 13th

Federation of International Ninja Athletics (FINA) Ninja Warrior “Qualifier” Competition

Our first of two events in this series (next one is May 13th). Each event comprises TWO courses on the same day: speed and endurance.

*** Hosted and designed by ISAAC CALDIERO ***

Isaac Caldiero the first American Ninja Warrior champion, first winner of the NBC show, will be hosting the FINA event and is also designing BOTH courses for the event. One fee of $59 will cover both competitions on the two courses: the speed and the endurance courses.

Both competitions will run on the same day. When booking, please enter a valid email so we can reach you with further details of our schedule. The schedule will be finalized about a week ahead of the competition when we have an idea of competitor numbers. We will also post the detailed schedule on this webpage.

Age/Gender Divisions

When booking please select the gender and age bracket you wish to compete in.

Standard age brackets are based on the age you turned in 2022. E.g if you turned 7 in 2022, you can compete in the 7 and under age bracket even if you are already, or will be 8 this year by the time of the competition. That said, if you wish, you are permitted to compete “up” one age category.

  • Dob 2015 or later: 7U
  • Dob 2013 & 2014: 9U
  • Dob 2011 & 2012: 11U
  • Dob 2009 & 2010: 13U
  • Dob 2008 or earlier: 14+/Adult
  • MASTERS: 40+ yrs.

Additional Category:

  • Top Flight (for those willing to try the hardest possible runs, no age restriction).

All participants will need a free registration with FINA. See link below for further info or to book.

Professional photography by Nathalie DuPre will be available to competitors. WINNERS will receive free digital images.