Climbing Class

Climbing Classes

Our climbing classes are the best introduction to climbing technique and training you can find. It is available for both youth and adults and led by one of our highly qualified coaching staff. The class will take around one hour. If bringing a large group, please contact us at least a week in advance.

Participants will learn the essential techniques of climbing through bouldering. Terminology, difficulty ratings, and some of the mysteries of the sport will be explained.

Starting off with an understanding of basic technique can completely transform your rate of improvement and can also prevent errors in form and technique from becoming engrained at an early stage, leading to chronic injury or an insurmountable progress plateau.

Ongoing Coaching

If you don’t mind sharing the class with others, simply book some climbing classes or for youth climbers, join a climbing club–we’ll accommodate a range of levels.  Private sessions can be arranged for adults who have been climbing for a year or more and looking to get advanced technique and training advice.

Youth: There are numerous advantages to having your children work with a coach, both for self-esteem and also to make faster improvements. Our teams and clubs help create a sense of belonging and camaraderie while teaching climbing. Youth climbing classes overlap with our club times, so participants can get a taste for climbing in a club.

Serious competitive youth climbers should join our nationally renowned climbing team for ongoing coaching. Please see our Climbing Team page.