Coaching For Climbers

Coaching with Wills Young and Lisa Rands: Coaching is a skill we’ve developed over many, many years working with climbers of every level. As a former world number one in competitive bouldering and world-renowned pioneer in the sport outdoors, Lisa Rands, Synergy’s founder is an incredible source or information on climbing. Our vast climbing experience across many disciplines makes a big difference in understanding every aspect of training for climbing. We will recognize weaknesses in your ability, push you to address those weaknesses through choice of climbs, movement pointers and follow-up suggestions. We will help experienced climbers achieve goals through well-directed sessions, and effective training.

Where necessary, we will target posture and flexibility issues with appropriate stretches and exercises specific to the individual.

You can book an assessment with Wills or Lisa online. However, only a few time-slots are listed, so please feel free to text the number below to arrange a suitable time. Those looking for more information on youth coaching, should see our youth coaching page.

For all questions, please call or text Wills Young: 760.920.5348 (cell).

Advanced Adult Coaching with head setter Davis Stewart: Push your competitive skills and address your weaknesses with Synergy head setter Davis! If you’re serious about making improvements in specific techniques, work with Davis to improve mental and phyical technique for indoor or out! Take advantage of Davis’s setting skills by having boulders tweaked, or entirely set, to YOUR specific needs. Book a session with Davis (each time-slot is a 1.5 hour session). Or text the number below to arrange a specific time.

As a phenomenal route-setter, and elite boulderer, Davis Stewart has also worked as a coach for Synergy Climbing Team for many years. He understands the nuances or climbing movement and technique. We owe a lot to his expertise and experience in maintaining our incredibly high standards for route-setting, and to improve our coaching program.

While private coaching is for sure the fastest way to make gains, due to one-on-one time with a coach, those just starting out can also gain a huge amount by simply taking a scheduled climbing class (discount rates apply to members).

For all questions, please call or text Wills Young: 760.920.5348 (cell).