Ninja With Isaac Caldiero

Isaac Caldiero, First American Ninja Warrior Champion, competing on the NBC show.

Get coaching from the American Ninja Warrior Champion Isaac Caldiero!

The ultimate opportunity has arrived as Isaac Caldiero, the iconic champion of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, is set to offer exclusive ninja classes! If you’ve dreamt of conquering the most challenging obstacles and mastering the art of a true ninja, this is your chance.

Who is Isaac Caldiero?

Isaac Caldiero is a trailblazer and inspiration to aspiring ninjas worldwide. In 2015, he etched his name in history by becoming the first person to conquer the grueling “American Ninja Warrior” course and beat all rivals to claim the coveted grand prize. His skill, determination, and infectious spirit have captivated millions, making him a role model for any athlete.

What to Expect

These private sessions will cater to participants of all levels, from relative beginners to seasoned athletes, with the goal of nurturing every individual’s unique potential. Participants will have the unprecedented opportunity to train directly under Isaac Caldiero’s expert guidance.

Isaac will introduce participants to fundamental ninja techniques, bodyweight movements, and agility training to gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate through complex obstacles with grace, strength, and precision. Just as importantly, Isaac will teach participants how he harnessed his inner mental strength to achieve his win.

Want to compete on the show?

Isaac Caldiero’s unparalleled expertise and experience on the show, coupled with his charismatic teaching style, makes him the perfect mentor for aspiring ninjas. His unique journey from a rock climber to a record-breaking American Ninja Warrior champion showcases how dedication and hard work pay off.

Isaac is a brilliant teacher with a passion for sharing his knowledge and empowering others to reach their full potential. This is your chance to learn from the master himself.

Book an initial assessment with Isaac below. Initial assessments are coaching sessions of 1.5 hours and are available for one or for two people. Additional sessions will be available by arrangement.