A therapeutic reset from daily life, the effects of climbing, training, and pushing our limits.

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This program is for YOU! Our members are our community! If you have a style of yoga you’d like to see or any special requests for classes, please reach out to our instructors. We want to develop this program to fit the needs of our members.
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Tuesday Slow Flow with Nicole at 6pm
This class flows through postures with the rhythm of the breath while gently exploring and expanding our range of strength, flexibility and mental focus. The sequence slowly combines muscular engagement with conscious relaxation throughout the entire body and mind.
Thursday Slow Flow with Ashley at 6pm
This class is geared towards recovery from climbing and training with mindful focus on the shoulders and hip areas to create strong, balanced muscle. This class will include slower vinyasa movements, breath-work, standing postures, and some yin style postures. All levels welcome.

Tuesday yoga at 6pm with Nicole.

Yoga Instructor Nicole Millsaps in yoga pose

Thursday yoga at 6pm with Ashley.

Yoga Pose Cross-legged