Synergy Summer Series

Summer Series Image Climber over pool and waterfall

Above: Synergy head route-setter Davis Stewart enjoys some good summer vibes at a local swimming hole!

Competition Series, June 2nd to June 30th

Teams of THREE

Get a group together or add yourself to the mix and we’ll assign you to a team!

Handicap Scoring System: To make this so that any team might win! Team members will register their “handicap” level based on the grade at which they typically can climb most of the boulders (it’s not necessarily their highest level climbed). E.g. you have worked hard to complete two or three yellow tags over the last couple of months, and typically can climb most of the white tags, then you register in the white tag handicap level.

Levels are Red: v0/1, Green: v2/3, White: v4/5, Yellow: v6/7, Blue: v8/9. Choose the level based on what you can manage to climb regularly.

Beginning June 2nd, we will set new boulders Friday and Monday, with an equal number of boulders at each tag level. Competitions will begin June 2nd, and each team member will score their best FIVE completed climbs from each week’s two new sets of boulders — all the scored boulders for each week must be from that week’s sets, e.g. June 2nd and June 5th for first set. Scorecards will need to be handed in by Thursday each week.

  • First Week: Sets June 2nd, 5th. Climb June 2nd to June 8th inclusive. Hand in scoresheet: June 9th.
  • Second Week: Sets June 9th and 12th. Climb June 9th to 15th inclusive. Hand in scoresheet: June 16th.
  • Third Week: Sets June 16th, 19th. Climb June 16th to 22Nd inclusive. Hand in scoresheet June 23rd.
  • Fourth Week: Sets June 23rd and 26th. Climb June 25th to June 30th inclusive. Hand in scoresheet June 30th.
  • PARTY and FINAL SHOWDOWN Saturday July 1st!
Score 2 points for any climb that is at your handicap level.
Score 3 points for any climb ABOVE your handicap level (doesn’t matter how far above).
Score 1 point for a climb that is ONE level below your handicap level.

Score an additional 0.25 points for any FLASH. Don’t forget to help your team members score their flash bonus, if you can!

PRIZES will be awarded to all members of the winning team.

Register yourself with a team, or without … You will be assigned to a team at a later date; you can let us know a team at a later date; or can have someone include you in their team when they register. Either way, we’ll do our best to ensure EVERYONE IS INCLUDED IN A TEAM!



Registration Fee: $25
Discounted Day Passes: $10 to participants.