Our Story

Synergy Climbing and Ninja is a collaboration between world-renowned rock climber Lisa Rands and American Ninja Warrior champion Isaac Caldiero. The original climbing gym in Chattanooga, Tennessee Bouldering Authority (TBA) also joined the project.

It was the rock climbing around Chattanooga that brought everyone together. On short visits to the area, Lisa Rands and her husband developed a love for the incredible cliffs and boulders of the region and after a few visits over a few years they decided to purchase a house in one of Chattanooga’s “up-and-coming” neighborhoods.

Before long, friends were visiting too, and Isaac Caldiero was one of those friends. Isaac came to explore the bouldering—and to train at TBA between his appearances on the NBC show, American Ninja Warrior.

TBA owners Ben and Stephanie Sutton had also gravitated to Chattanooga by the allure of the incredible bouldering and fast growing climbing community. TBA was at the center of that community. While TBA owners needed to move their tiny gym, Lisa Rands and her husband Wills Young dreamed of creating state-of-the-art climbing walls to better achieve their ambitions as climbing coaches while Isaac Caldiero wanted to develop his own ninja zone to bring his love of ninja to the area. All of them, and all of Chattanooga, wanted an incredible new bouldering and training center!

Ultimately, it was Lisa Rands and husband Wills Young who provided the driving force, founding The Synergy Project, and bringing this amazing gym to life!