Ninja Classes


Please watch this space!

COMING SOON! Please watch this space. July opening.

Isaac Caldiero’s Ninja Zone is an indoor exercise zone for kids from five years and up to gain fitness, strength and agility in a fun and engaging way.

All children 12 and under MUST be part of a class or verified to be a member of an approved competitive club/team.

  • Obstacles are separated into different lanes based on difficulty.
  • No age restrictions on use of the Ninja Climbing Wall.
  • Age restrictions apply to each obstacle lane.


  1. Climbing Wall in Ninja Zone: Must weigh 30-300 pounds.
  2. The Kid’s Zone & Lanes: 5 and older.
  3. Race Lanes: 10 and older
  4. Isaac’s Gauntlet: 13 and older.

Youth Classes:

For anyone who wants to try harder runs and obstacles under guidance of our instructors.

Adult Classes and Private Coaching:

For those who want to excel.

Ninja Club or Team:

Join our club or team coaching sessions to learn movement and technique so that athletes can advance from the Kid’s Zone to the Race Lanes or on to Isaac’s Gauntlet. We’ll also get some climbing in on the Ninja Climbing wall. Clubs are booked monthly, but a drop-in rate is also available.